We’ve been expecting you. We’ve had some time to prepare for your visit. We sense that you have not come here to browse. We cannot know for certain what your expectations of this visit are or how long you will stay. Perhaps you will try to explain why you have come. Your words are sure and right to your mind. They find no equal in our own texts. Like you, we read bodies and sharp ends.

To be fair, our intentions towards you have never been sympathetic. We cursed you even before we knew that you would come from the sea in human form. The omens told us little else but that what was coming would cost us dearly. So this domain receives but does not welcome you. We offer no sitemap. You will navigate through here on your own terms as you have done elsewhere for centuries. We suspect that you will find the content that you are looking for, though its resolution will be watered down with each visit. Eventually only the water and what you have taken will remain. Add this last to your cache of stolen narratives, if only to demonstrate that this story now belongs to you.

Are you sure?